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Get New Customers through Upstream Techniques

Making changes (in a business) is  tough! It’s like swimming  or paddling  against the current… upstream.

UpStream is a  great read for people who would like to grow their business and get new customers. They feel  their company could and should be doing better but, could use a friendly experienced voice to help guide them through the process. In a “short story” narrative way, this book takes you through each step to help your business grow; — from recognizing the customer’s experience; to help the decision makers use today’s most effective leadership styles. The book will also help you improve business listening skills. The book even provides a template to help create a dynamic marketing strategy. There are suggestions about using social media and business networking. There are also a few eye-opening stories that may cause you to wonder how a business like this can survive.

UpStream is for those who connect the dots and possess the desire to improve the growth curve of their business and get new customers quickly.

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Get New Customers – Alan’s Straightforward Insights

 The best way I know of to attract new customers is first, to first figure out (specifically) who your ideal customer is. If, for example, you want to grow your photography business, you’d need to decide what kind of photography you want to provide. Portrait, Commercial, Landscape, Events, etc. Within that subset you then need to determine, for portrait as an example, do you want customers for indoor lit, candid, exterior and furthermore. The tactics should be chosen to carefully so they reach your “ideal” customer. The second most important item to help grow your business is to determine what makes your business unique or different from others in your space. Once you have the answers to these question you’re ready to create a “marketing strategy.” The most important rule in all of marketing is that “strategy always comes before tactics.”

Get New Customers by Getting the Fish to Swim to You

Read what visionary people are doing behind the scenes of their organizations to get new customers, stimulate performance, and add value. Included are secrets to attracting & retaining customers; plus how to create outstanding customer experiences… so they refer others to YOUR business. This book identifies what’s being done, with great success, during the most challenging economic and market conditions of our lifetime.

Inside are 160 fascinating short stories of proven strategies, designed to meet current and emerging market trends, as well as customer and employee expectations. Guaranteed to get YOUR wheels spinning!  Click here for reviews about Getting the Fish to Swim to You.

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NOTE: If your business responsibility includes making & keeping promises,
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