Listening Skills

Enhanced Listening Skills Make Better Leaders! How Well Do YOU Listen?

Event Overview

Listening is one of the most important yet, undervalued skill for success in both our personal and professional lives.  This event builds awareness of the skills essential to becoming a better listener. Participants will explore why listening is more important than ever in today’s competitive market. And they will be provided the tools to become an excellent listener.

NOTE: This event is offered as a one hour to 90 minute presentation or alternatively a ½ day or whole day workshop (with breakout sessions).

Who should attend this event?

  • C – Level Executives, Directors, Supervisors and other Decision-makers
  • HR, Marketing, Sales, and Office Managers
  • Employers & Employees
  • Administrative professionals
  • Franchisers and Franchisees
  • Anyone interested in BECOMING A BETTER LISTENER

Event Outcomes

  1. Pre-test to determine current level of listening ability
  2. Learn cues and clues to determine if you’re being listened to
  3. Six keys to better listening
  4. A new key to becoming a power listener, includes On-Off switch
  5. Post-test to determine improved level of listening ability

 Event Key Topics

  • Why listening is more difficult today than in the past
  • Understand different types of listening and differentiating “signal” from “noise”
  • How left and right-brained thinking influences your ability to listen and be listened to
  • How listening corresponds with the ability to influence others
  • Is listening a “SKILL” or a “CHOICE?”

Alan holds a bachelor degree in Marketing Communication/Education and did his graduate work in Integrated Marketing Communications. He learned listening skills from the preeminent expert in the field, Dr. Lyman Stiles, Chairman & CEO, Communication Development, Inc. & International Listening Leadership Institute. Historically, Stiles has been one the experts that airlines call upon to interpret the “black box” data following airplane crashes. Stiles was Alan’s client when they co-developed and delivered a listening skill curriculum still in use today by a number of large organizations.

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