UpStream… Reviews

*****  “Alan has done what few have accomplished – In UpStream he has delivered actionable content in a simplified format. A person can read his books, close the back cover and put the experience and lessons he shares to action.”
Lisa Selip, President, Mighty Kids Media, Former VP-Director of Marketing — Lowe’s Foods Inc.

*****  “I almost wore my highlighter out while reading UpStream.  Identified many changes we’ll make immediately, that will cost us nothing… to grow our business. 104 pages packed with powerful relevant information that I can put to use today. Why didn’t I see this before?  UpStream… ‘Fresh Eyes=Fresh Ideas’ (having someone else look at your business) will challenge you to really analyze your business  objectively and find ways to improve. UpStream… is Management, Marketing, Sales, Human Resources, Motivational and Training Material neatly packaged in plain English! YOWZA!
Diane Bochy, Interview Coach, Former Director of Human Resources – Coca-Cola

***** “Call it ‘Chicken Soup For The Business Leader’s Soul’ Alan Adler’s inspiring writings in Upstream provide granular tactics which are simple enough for almost anyone to execute on regardless of the environment and achieve results from TODAY.  Adler’s refreshing style and clarity gives readers the tools to differentiate their businesses in the marketplace, and leaves them with a simple yet profound message at the end.  If you want your business to move Upstream, then you need to read this book soon!”
William R. Thompson, JD @ LB&A CPA’s

*****  As a CEO of two public companies and a number of private startups, you learn beginning day one the need to assess return on investment on every transaction.  There are new and unique business viewpoints in Upstream… that makes the ROI on your $15.95 investment (paperback) infinity.  You get a bonus in Alan’s wonderful fireside conversational writing style that is clear and to the point.  You will get a double bonus with a smile as you read the cannot-make-up-these-business-story-vignettes.”
J. Phillips L. Johnston, J.D. Chairman and CEO The Center for Board Excellence;

*****  “If you’re a business owner or in sales and you don’t have Alan’s books you need to get them. Getting to simple is difficult. Alan is gifted in recognizing and understanding complexities and then rationalizing them into structured patterns that we can all understand. Alan is one of those rare individuals who is a great strategist but equally a great tactician. He has a wealth of experience and keen insight into practical steps you can take to turn your business around.”
Jeff Robinson, Financial Representative at Northwestern Mutual;Financial Representative at Northwestern Mutual;

*****  “Your new book Alan, has cleared up several implications impacting my business development.    UpStream… has opened the doors of limitation and inspired new thinking. You’ve helped me recognize that I’ve let my original story and message get diluted by listening to everyone else’s understanding and expectations. Chapter 12, ‘Think Outside the Box’ helped me see just how I limited my imagination by not expanding my horizons. I can see more clearly now.”
Felix P. Nater, CSC, NATER ASSOCIATES, LTD. Security Management Consultants

*****  “Easy and imperative to read book demonstrating how and inspiring readers to understand and embrace fundamental and irrefutable principles and practices for business success.  Nice work and congratulations, Alan!”
Peter Popovich, Coachsultant

***** “Having been a professional business broker for 14 years, I have advised hundreds of business owners.    After reading Alan’s book, I suggest that potential sellers and buyers of businesses read this book.   If more small to mid-sized companies followed the principles presented here, I believe they would have increased profits and more value to their owners.”
Ron Brasch, Certified Business Intermediary, First Business Brokers, Ltd.

***** “Upon learning “the Strategy” in chapter 4, I was ready to put the book down, run out, and start changing my marketing plan to get more clients. But, I held my breath, read on a bit more, and was thrilled to find that not only does Alan lay out why it is important to reshape your strategy, but how to do some self reflection on what works and what doesn’t, then how to go about making the change! Thank you, Alan. For me, this is a great wake up call on ‘what I’m doing ineffectively, and what to do to fix’.”
Brandon Nater, Web Developer | Musician