Attitude is Everything, Dogs & Cats Know It

Business Listening Skills Improved by Learning from Cats & Dogs

Attitude is everything, cats & dogs know it. Chapter two is a humorous metaphor about people, based on the attitudes of dogs and cats, from their own (Dog & Cat) diaries.  Every business professional will appreciate how similar customers and employees are to our beloved pets. The experts agree “attitude is everything,” and improving business listening skills can improve customer service.

Dogs remind us of customers who are grateful for every little thing that can be done for them; while cats remind us of those customers who are suspicious, paranoid, distant and cunning.  If nothing more, this chapter will show readers how to improve company listening skills and remind readers and listeners that in “business,” like in “life,” attitude is everything!

Business Listening Skills for Better Attitude

It would be highly unfair to label only customers with attitudes.  You know, the more I think about the attitudes of customers, but it’s hard not to consider the attitudes of the people we work for and with, and how our business listening skills impact their attitude. So this chapter is really about a dog’s diary and a cat’s diary. Their attitude can be sorted out in the various likes and dislikes they “speak” about from a page of their diary.  You’ll find that the spectrum of unique perspectives posed by the two characters in this chapter extremely humorous; if for no other reason they will remind us of a pet dog or cat, we all have had or known, that had these identical notions.  Readers will most certainly appreciate the dichotomy of the two different attitudes.

Chapter on Attitude & Business Listening Skills

OK, it’s time to play! After you’ve read or listened to this chapter you’re qualified to play the “GAME.” The game is to see how many PEOPLE (within your sphere of influence) display similar differences in their temperament, as the dog and cat characters. The winner of the “game” is the one who can most effectively process and act appropriately leaving the event with an outstanding customer experience and improved business listening skills.  (NOTE: In this context the word “customer” is meant in the broadest of all possible terms). Good luck!