Getting the Fish to Swim to YOU… Reviews

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*****  “Alan has done what few have accomplished – In Getting the Fish to Swim to YOU & Keeping Them in YOUR Boat he has delivered actionable content in a simplified format. A person can read his books, close the back cover and put the experience and lessons he shares to action.” Lisa Selip, President, Mighty Kids Media, Former VP-Director of Marketing — Lowe’s Foods Inc.

*****  “The new business ‘bible!’    Substantive – Powerful – To The Point.   Each chapter is a new found favorite.  The ‘Fresh Eyes’ segment really hits the mark – getting an outside expert to look at your company allows you to buy a dose of expertise.  I spent 20 years with Coca-Cola – a powerhouse of great minds – they always seek external counsel to help identify potential improvements and implement solutions…your business should too.   Alan Adler has gleaned expertise and examples  from many companies.  Chapter 11 ‘The Right Employees make all the difference’ hits  a home run with me. “How easy is your business to do business with..”  perfect suggestions. 110 pages of powerful information.  Relevant for ALL types of businesses.”   Diane Bochy, Interview Coach, Former Director of Human Resources – Coca-Cola …and San Diego Padres family employee

***** “Alan Adler has written a great book on the shifting buyer attitudes and behaviors taking place today in our market with the power of social networking, Internet, Millennial Generation, post 9-11 and perhaps the greatest recession many of us have faced, or likely ever face. It is a must read for the manager, supervisor, or business owner looking to meet current and emerging buyer patterns and consumer as well as employee expectations.”  Bill Russell, CCE, President & CEO, Lake Norman Chamber of Commerce

***** “Zigler teaches that if you read a book or listen to a tape 16 times, by number 16 you will learn things that you didn’t learn the first 15 times. I am learning more from Getting the Fish… this time than all the times before.”
Hugh Michael Edenburn, Marketing Director at Edenburn Trading

*****In over a decade of developing early-stage high-growth start-ups, I have reviewed thousands of business plans and technologies with aspirations of selling millions of dollars of products and services to the world. Too many entrepreneurs believe that, “the product will sell itself”. Wrong! Alan astutely points this out and gives entrepreneurs, managers and CEO’s a well organized step-by-step guide on how to recognize, improve and implement an effective sales culture throughout the entire organization. This is a must read for all upcoming MBA students interested in creating their own start-up or working within a Fortune 500 company.” Kenneth C. Paulus, Sr. VP Business  Development, Enventys  

***** “As a serial CEO of both entrepreneurial companies as well as public companies, I found Alan’s book to be groundbreaking and a wake-up call.  Customers have many options and differentiation, packaging and customer service are more important than ever. Alan provides many insights and examples that we all can learn from and, more importantly, do something to improve our business models.”  Jim Bensman, Chairman – Probaris Technologies & Cornelius, NC, (Former) Town of Cornelius Commissioner

Insightful Business Marketing Tips in this Book


*****  I recommend this book to anyone interested in learning what an organization can do to create and sustain customer confidence in its brand.” Luther T. Moore, Sr. Vice President Belk, Inc.

*****Pulling customers in and keeping them is among the highest priorities of major league sports teams. Alan’s suggested “pull” vs. “push” strategies are the way of the future. Pulling customers in and keeping them is among the highest priorities of major league sports teams.”  Jerry Lewis – The Detroit Tigers, Inc.

***** “Alan’s book can help leaders understand that getting ahead in the 21st century marketplace; will take harnessing and utilizing the knowledge, skills and energy of all generations working today. Success will be for those who can create synergism from the diversity in the workplace.” Terri M. Manning, Ed.D, generational speaker/trainer

*****  “Alan has captured how an organization’s culture can drive efforts to become more effective, without jeopardizing their primary mission. I would recommend this book to anyone interested in learning what innovative organizations are doing to navigate these turbulent times of change in the marketplace to become more effective.”  Jon Hannan, Fire Chief – Charlotte Fire Department

*****  “Alan’s book should be required reading for anyone interested in business success for the future. The case studies presented, suggest many ways to mitigate the effects of the 2010 recession.”  Kathy Doering, President – Ann Michaels & Associates Ltd.

***** “The concepts in this book are the best I’ve seen, to diffuse the impact of this decade’s paradigm shift in buyer attitudes and behaviors. I love Alan’s notion of ‘fundamental forward rethinking.’ This book offers a roadmap for any organization to become more effective” Andre Gien, Director – Global Financial Bridge

***** “I’ve been a top sales producer and manager for 50 years. I learned more from reading Alan’s book about obtaining and retaining customers, than I did from earning my MBA.. Reading this book will teach you how to be client focused and wow your customers. This will make up for your lack of good sales training.” Chuck Sawicki, SCORE Small Business Counselor                   

Chapter on Inbound Marketing & Customer Satisfaction

***** “I am delighted to recommend Alan’s book! Besides being a good writer, Alan is a very good marketer. His book, Getting the Fish to Swim to YOU & Keeping Them in YOUR Boat… is a great read and full of useful, implementable strategies and ideas. In addition to reading his book, talking to him about your marketing and other business issues would be a very good move.  Dr. Brian Monger, CEO, Marketing Association of ANZ

***** “This book offers a great refreshing business review in fast forward that reflects today’s rapidly changing market place. Alan has captured a business view point of old and does a wonderful presentation of what it means to be in business with social media mind sets of today and suggests changes in tomorrow’s business cultures that are forming today.”  Bill Winkler | Business Technology Solutions | Technology Consultant, Charlotte, NC

***** Lynn Barnett, avid reader of great business books with ideas I can put into practice.

***** “Alan’s book is thoughtful, well-organized, highly relevant, and a very easy to read guide to successful business marketing. Alan is the real deal, and I highly recommend that you read his book and let him help take you and your business to the next level.”  Bob DeMers, President, Coaching Works

***** “Having started many businesses and consulted with others in ‘turnaround’ and growth modes, it was a pleasure reading Alan’s book which demonstrates how a good practical approach can go a long way to create a model outline for operating a successful business”.   Jack E. Woerner Strategic Edge, LLC Charlotte, NC

 ***** I plan to take immediate actions within my own business as a result of reading this book. I’ve spent too much time servicing what the author calls “lead” customers. Employing some of the strategies Mr. Adler suggests should really focus my energies and resources toward more profitable overall results. I also intend to “grade” my vendors on a regular basis in an effort to make sure I have all the right players “on the bus” (both employees AND vendors) as the author reminds us about Jim Collins’ Good to Great.”   Laura Greeno, Online Marketing Consultant & Web Talent Scout – Charlotte, NC

*****  “Alan, Your book is full of great content, easily understood tactics and the strategies behind them. I particularly liked and appreciated the Chapter on Millennials since my daughter is one and everything that you said so clearly applies to her. The most powerful chapter for me was “Corporate Culture…Defining Performance Success.  I wholeheartedly believe that the success of an organization is determined by its culture from the standpoint of attracting the right people to do the right job to the value that provides all of the involved parties – employees, clients and stakeholders. My wife, loved the Zappos core values (she already likes their shoes). Great job with the book. We are proud of you and your effort” Peter Popovich – CoachSultant

 *****  “15 thumbs up — one for every example-filled and well-worded chapter. Alan has very neatly compiled a handbook on how to attract and retain customers. In addition to his marketing guidelines, he introduces us to real live examples … of small to mid-sized organizations.”  Steve Gatter, Sales Manager Forum founder and facilitator, Charlotte, NC