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I provide “fresh eyes,” that will assist your business to keep employees as well as attract and keep lasting customers. I do this as a Business Adviser/coach, Speaker, Listening Skill Expert and Author.

 My presentation themes include:
•  Managing Start-ups, small & mid-sized companies
•  Marketing, strategy & tactics for today’s generations
•  Getting the Fish to Swim to YOU & Keeping them in YOUR Boat
•  Listening skills enhancement  for teams & organizations
•  Enhancing Internal & external company relationships
•  Moving cultures from command & control to empowerment
•  Exhanging the current “Nod-Squad” BOD for a functioning BOD
•  Creation of advisory boards
•  Workshops  •  Books & •  Articles 

My books Getting the Fish to Swim to YOU & Keeping Them in YOUR Boat and UpStream reflect my own growth achieved while owning and running successful companies.

 Contact me by phone (704) 948-4341 or email:, to learn more.


The Best Customer You NEVER Had!

  Creating Customers who create customers. Regardless of your type of business, number of employees or who your “customer” is…they are still YOUR customers.  “There is a growing amount of data indicating why word-of-mouth marketing is so appealing,” reports U.K. … Continue reading

Become a Better Listener

  How Well Do YOU Listen?  FACT: Better listeners are better at influencing others… …says a recent Columbia Business School research study, LISTENING AND   ORGANIZATIONAL INFLUENCE, CLICK HERE. The study goes on to suggest that, “How well organizational members listen … Continue reading

Why EMPLOYERS Don’t (Appear to) CARE…Culture Leadership

Culture Leadership and Employees Caring Recently, I published a blog titled:  “How to Get EMPLOYEES to CARE.” I received several emails from readers who shared experiences and examples of “employees” who cared,  but “employers” who didn’t. To all who sent emails, thank you for suggesting this topic. So, now for a different … Continue reading

How To Get Employees To CARE… Culture Leadership

Get Employees to Care How do you get employees to care? Culture Leadership. Recently, my wife and I had a discussion about several negative experiences we’ve had with different companies. In each case, the employees clearly, just didn’t care.  One employee actually told … Continue reading

Test Your Entrepreneur Ideas Here — See if They float!

Entrepreneur Ideas – Do They Float? So how do you evaluate whether your entrepreneur ideas for a new business have merit?  Most new business ideas are neither great nor new, and the pursuit of unproven business ideas can consume considerable amounts of time … Continue reading

Cultivating Great Ideas to Solve Business Problems!

Solve business problems by cultivating great ideas! Most small to mid-sized business owners spend more than 98% of the time working in their business and, less than 2% working on their business. This doesn’t leave much time to solve business problems or, to generate new … Continue reading

Best Practices in Business; Everyone Can Benefit from Using!

Most business people recognize best practices in business as a method or technique that has consistently shown results    superior to those achieved with other means.   Whatever happened to the fundamentals most of us were raised with? Such as the Golden … Continue reading

"A Positive Moment" by Rob Slee!

This blog entry about CHANGE is titled, “A Positive Moment” by my friend, colleague and renowned curmudgeon Rob Slee. I hope that reading this helps you in a positive way, too! Rob is widely recognized as the country’s foremost authority … Continue reading

Attitude and Business Success — The Customer Experience

Does the following remind you of your customers, employees, friends or family? Attitude and business success are universally linked! To offer an outstanding customer experience you need to  consider,  if not anticipate, your customer’s needs, attitudes, behaviors, motivators and preceptors. Hopefully they’re … Continue reading

Why StrategyBe4Tactics?

Most small business marketing (as well as mid-sized business) efforts seem to be floundering in today’s post recession market. Many are barely hanging on—just making it week-to-week, while others are doing remarkably well; considering the chaotic economy and changing market … Continue reading

Service Organization Membership is a Struggle… Solutions Will Surprise YOU!

Almost all service organization’s in the U.S. are struggling to attract and retain members. Lions, Kiwanis, Elks and Rotary clubs are experiencing levels of attrition, not seen in years. Yet the biggest single obstacle to increasing the ranks of members … Continue reading

Diary of a Small Business With Problems — You Can’t Make this Stuff Up!

Following is a diary of a small business with problems. Having owned and operated my own businesses, consulted with, coached, studied and written about other companies for more than 30 years, I recently became aware of a business that sets … Continue reading

Leadership — Excellence vs. Mediocrity…

 Leadership — greatness vs. mediocrity. Most experts on leadership feel strongly about many of the business and political leaders who have been in charge for the past twenty years, or so. There’s a consensus among them, that the series of … Continue reading

Micromanaging — Preventing YOUR Business From Growing

Micromanaging may be killing your business, let alone be preventing it from increasing in value. If your business is one of the more than 90% of mid-sized to small businesses in the US that hasn’t increased in value during the … Continue reading

Why Jargon (Terms of Business) Can Be Bad For Business…

My friend, colleague and fellow author Patrick Gray hates jargon, (terms of business) and believes they’re bad for business. He said as much and why when he was interviewed a few months ago by Ely Portillo of the Charlotte Observer. … Continue reading

Where Employees Are Valued — Employee Retention Ideas…

What retailer pays their employees 50-100% more than average? What company figured out that it only takes one great employee to do the work of 3 good employees? What business holds between 5-8 interviews with the same candidate before offering a job? What retailer trains … Continue reading

To Mitigate Pain From the Economy, Move From GOOD to GREAT!

I have yet to figure out where the benefit or value lies from exerting effort and energy to situations over which we have no control, nor the ability to impact the results. For example, I’m unable to think of anything … Continue reading

Are YOU Using (Creative), Outside the Box Thinking? You Should!

Are YOU using (creative) outside the box thinking ? If not, you should be! In today’s economy, creative thinking outside-the-box can make the difference between success and failure! Historically we used “average” as a guide to determine marketing targets.  Today, ”average” no … Continue reading

Wake-up Employers…

Wouldn’t it be great to understand what drives many of today’s employers, who: Almost never confirm or respond to people submitting applications for jobs which are actively promoted? Or, businesses that interview applicants two or three times, then never communicate … Continue reading

17 Social Media and Business Trends to Follow

Considering the increasing use of social media and business, I thought it would be helpful to consider where social media is heading. Pritt Kallas of DreamGrow Social Media suggests 17 points that we should keep our eyes on: 1. … Continue reading

Attracting & Keeping Diverse Customers in Today’s Marketplace…

Attracting and keeping customers from diverse market segments is difficult today and going to be more challenging in the coming years. Why? 70 million Baby-boomers are in the process of leaving the workforce and reducing their spending… while simultaneously, 70 … Continue reading

What More Can Highly Competitive Businesses Do to Attract & Keep Customers?

     Plenty! It’s shocking how little attention many highly competitive professional businesses, (including CPA’s, Financial Planner/Advisors, Law Firms, Medical practices, Realtors) and others pay to differentiate themselves in the marketplace. Attracting and keeping customers in today’s challenging economy is tough … Continue reading

A Valuable Business Lesson From ARMY Ranger School

A valuable business lesson from ARMY Ranger School. Some of the lessons taught at Army Ranger School suggest valuable leadership training for business.  My 28 year-old stepson was recently promoted to Captain in the U.S Army. He was also reassigned … Continue reading

Is Our Culture of Excuses Preventing Organizations From Thriving?

It is likely that our culture of excuses is the fundamental reason behind what’s keeping businesses and organizations, in the US, from thriving. I realize that my detractors will say it’s the economy however, the facts suggest otherwise. In his … Continue reading

Who’s in charge of SALES PREVENTION in your company?

Everyone who isn’t doing something to stop it! How do you feel when you try to find a location of a retail store promoting a product you’re interested in however, their dealer locator system has no listings in your home … Continue reading

What YOU Don’t Know About Your Customers is Killing YOUR Business…

CBS’s new hit show Undercover Boss is on the right track. It’s imperative today for senior management to know what’s happening on the front lines of their business. (Applies to both B2B and B2C companies). It’s even more important, to … Continue reading

Overcoming Today’s Economic Reality…

Redefining Culture Helps Organizations Be More Effective…

Business Strategies/Practices That Do More Harm Then Good…

A Most Effective Way to Manage Millennials…

Happy Engaged Employees = Happy Loyal Customers…

Employees are the “face” of most organizations. As the face, they control most customer touch points; sales, service, support, shipping, accounting, billing, collecting, etc. Can an organization ever hope to have outstanding “external” customer experiences without having outstanding “internal” customer … Continue reading

Toxic Managers…

The best word to describe why toxic managers remain in positions of influence is “FEAR.” Fear by higher level managers that a toxic manager, if let go, will: 1. Reveal secrets that could harm individuals or the organization… In legal … Continue reading

A Great Way to Measure YOUR Customer’s Experience…

Using a mystery shopping organization is a great way to measure customer experiences. However, today’s market requires more than the traditional mystery shopping “snapshot.” It requires, customer surveys, employee surveys, social media monitoring and, it requires measuring your competition’s customer … Continue reading

The Difference Between Customer Service & an Outstanding Customer Experience

Extinction of Sales People (as we know them today) is a Certainty

In his book, Midas Marketing, Private Capital expert and author Rob Slee suggests that the eventual extinction of most sales people, as we know them today, is a certainty. “Pull” marketing/sales strategies, crowdsourcing and future marketing technology will replace conventional … Continue reading

Tension Keeps Customers Away — Leadership Culture Can Keep Them

Tension can keep customers away, leadership culture can help mitigate  that problem and improve the productivity of your employees. Plenty of tension can be found in the workplace today,  especially given the current market environment. If there’s tension in your … Continue reading