ASK ALAN: Are You Ready For These Metatrends, Part, 2 11-20

In my previous column “Are you ready, Metatrends Part 1, 1-10, I wrote about the first ten of twenty megatrends that are going to have a profound impact on business and society. Following are metatrends 11-20. I hope this article resonates with you!

What is a Metatrend?
“Metatrends, (according to Google), are the macro forces that are shaping our future. They are the phenomenon impacting all factions of human life across economic, political, social, and environmental disciplines.”Prior to the pandemic, it was believed that these trends would evolve over the next ten years. However, these trends are becoming reality at a much faster pace due to demands created by the pandemic.

Peter Diamandis, the founder of “The X-Games,” believes that “these waves of exponential technological advancements will eclipse previous decades of breakthroughs in scale and impact.” And he says, “these metatrends are resulting from human longevity, the surging smart economy, AI-human collaboration, urbanized cellular agriculture, and high-bandwidth brain-computer interfaces, just to name a few.” Diamandis suggests that “Entrepreneurs and Business Owners see beyond the immediate implications of a given technology and capture the enormous business opportunities that lie on the horizon.”

Furthermore, he believes that “these collective emerging metatrends will likely revolutionize entire industries (old and new), redefining tomorrow’s challenges, and transforming how we make money from the bottom-up.”
Metatrends 11-20

Number 11 – The insurance industry transforms from ‘recovery after risk’ to ‘prevention of risk.

“This next decade, a new generation of insurance providers will leverage the convergence of machine learning, ubiquitous sensors, low-cost genome sequencing, and robotics to detect risk prevent disaster, and guarantee safety before any costs are incurred.”

Consider the infrastructure required to support this humongous change in our culture of doing business. This industry sector will spawn a million+ new businesses, that do not exist today!

Number 12- Autonomous vehicles and flying cars will redefine human travel (soon to be far faster and cheaper).

“Fully autonomous vehicles, car-as-a-service fleets, and aerial ride-sharing (flying cars) will be fully operational in most major metropolitan cities in the coming decade.”

The cost of transportation will plummet 3-4X, transforming real estate, finance, insurance, the materials economy, and urban planning. Where we live and work, and how we spend our time, will all be fundamentally reshaped by this future of human travel. Our kids and elderly parents will never drive.

Number 13 – On-demand production and on-demand delivery will birth an ‘instant economy of things.

“Urban dwellers will learn to expect ‘instant fulfillment’ of their retail orders as drone and robotic last-mile delivery services carry products from local supply depots directly to your doorstep.”

This metatrend is driven by the convergence of networks, 3D printing, robotics, and AI. As the deployment of regional on-demand digital manufacturing (3D printing farms) takes place, individualized products can be obtained within hours, anywhere, anytime.

Number 14 – Ability to sense and know anything, anytime, anywhere
“We are rapidly approaching the era wherein 100 billion sensors (the Internet of Everything) is monitoring and sensing (imaging, listening, measuring) every facet of our environments, all the time. Global imaging satellites, drones, autonomous car LIDARs, and forward-looking augmented reality (AR) headset cameras are all part of a global sensor matrix, together with allowing us to know anything, anytime, anywhere.”

In this future, it is not “what you know,” but rather “the quality of the questions you ask” that will be most important.

Number 15 – Disruption of advertising
AA Metatrends Pt 2 D..jpg
“As AI becomes increasingly embedded in everyday life, your custom AI will soon understand what you want better than you do. In turn, we will begin to both trust and rely upon our AIs to make most of our buying decisions, turning over shopping to AI-enabled personal assistants. Your AI might make purchases based upon your past desires, current shortages, conversations you’ve allowed your AI to listen to, or by tracking where your pupils focus on a virtual interface (i.e. what catches your attention).”

As a result, the advertising industry—which normally competes for your attention (whether at the Superbowl or through search engines)—will have a difficult time influencing your AI.

Number 16 – Cellular agriculture moves from the lab into inner cities, providing high-quality protein that is cheaper and healthier
AA Metatrends Pt 2 E..jpgThis next decade will witness both the most ethical, nutritious, and environmentally sustainable protein production system devised by humankind. Stem cell-based ‘cellular agriculture will allow the production of beef, chicken, and fish anywhere, on-demand, with far higher nutritional content, and a vastly lower environmental footprint than traditional livestock options.”

This metatrend is enabled by the convergence of biotechnology, materials science, machine learning, and AgTech.

Number 17 – High-bandwidth brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) will come online for public use.
AA Metatrends Pt 2 F..jpg
“Technologist and futurist Ray Kurzweil has predicted that in the mid-2030s, we will begin connecting the human neocortex to the cloud. This next decade will see tremendous progress in that direction, first serving those with spinal cord injuries, whereby patients will regain both sensory capacity and motor control.”

This metatrend is fueled by the convergence of materials science, machine learning, and robotics.

Number 18 – High-resolution VR will transform both retail and real estate shopping.
AA Metatrends Pt 2 g..jpg
“High-resolution, lightweight virtual reality headsets will allow individuals at home to shop for everything from clothing to real estate from the convenience of their living room. Whether it is a new outfit or furniture, your AI will assist you with ideas and suggestions, online.”This metatrend is enabled by the convergence of VR, machine learning, and high-bandwidth networks.


Number 19 -Increased focus on sustainability and the environment.
AA Metatrends Pt 2 H..jpg
“An increase in global environmental awareness and concern over global warming will drive companies to invest in sustainability, both from a necessity standpoint and for marketing purposes. Breakthroughs in materials science, enabled by AI, will allow companies to drive tremendous reductions in waste and environmental contamination. One company’s waste will become another company’s profit center.”

This metatrend is enabled by the convergence of materials science, artificial intelligence, and broadband networks.

Number 20 – “CRISPER” and gene therapies will minimize disease
AA Metatrends Pt 2 I..jpg
“A vast range of infectious diseases, ranging from AIDS to Ebola, are now curable. In addition, gene-editing technologies continue to advance in precision and ease of use, allowing families to treat and ultimately cure hundreds of inheritable genetic diseases.”

Whether we like it or not, this collective of (twenty) metatrends suggests a level of change we have never experienced before. Never forget the words of Charles Darwin“It’s not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent. It is the one most adaptable to change.”

Understanding these metatrends can help you plan the future direction of your business.

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