Seminar Testimonials

Keynote Speaker, Alan Adler

Institute of Management Consultants (IMC) “Alan took his Power Listening Workshop craft and sold it to a group of management consultants who live the art of communicating and listening in finding viable solutions that sustain their way of life. A tougher audience one could never assemble and expect to find gathered in one place at one time. This opinion was the genuine feedback by a group of seasoned veterans of communicators and listeners who longed to push the protest button and could only find redial.”

Jeff Robinson, Financial Representative at Northwestern Mutual;
“If you have the opportunity to hear Alan speak you should take it. Getting to simple is difficult. His gift is recognizing and understanding complexities and then rationalizing them into structured patterns that we can all understand. Alan is one of those rare individuals who is a great strategist but equally a great tactician. He has a wealth of experience and keen insight into practical steps you can take to turn your business around .  If you have a group that needs to get in tune with 21st business practices you should book him.”

Felix Nater, President, Nater Associates;
“Every now and then you attend a business presentation that exceeds your expectations. Alan surprises you by his keen appreciation of others but especially the people in front of him. After watching him present he leaves you feeling like you’ve known him for years. Alan’s seminars are not full of typical marketing technical jargon or hard to follow. Rather they are a condensed version of essential information he acquired on the way to understanding today’s market. Alan’s a storyteller, taking diverse but relative business factors and connecting them into a series of short stories full of mini-strategies. If you are looking for an innovative speaker, passionate about his beliefs and committed to excellence, reach out to Alan Adler.”

Gary Nowicki, Partner @ Ace of Sales;
“Make it a point to attend one of Alan’s seminars! He’ll open your eyes as to how being EXTRAORDINARY plays into success in TODAY’s NEW NOW.  Alan also offers great tips about how to identify your ideal customer and how to distinguish yourself from the competition. You will learn and implement … and I promise you..YOU will tell Others!”

Peter Popovich, Coachsultant;
“It’s a pleasure attending Alan’s seminars!  He is a knowledgeable storyteller that passionately takes the attendees of his seminars from the understanding of the big picture complexity of the business environment to the practical to do and can do actions that each can take.  Many of the veterans in my Customer Service class at UNC Charlotte said that his passion, knowledge and authentic delivery were the highlight of the day!”  Thanks, Alan.

David Wittmann, CPCC ACC,  Delta Transitions LLC;
“I recently attended a meeting of Financial Executives for which Alan Adler was the guest speaker. His energy level and ability to connect with the community at hand on a forward thinking topic was very enrolling. It was entertaining and thought provoking with many take away’s regarding how we can be a more effective business networker’s in today’s, NEW NOW.  Alan was dynamic and for some, a re-awakening.”

Warren G. Deutsch, CPC, President Advance Resources;
“Recently, Alan Adler presented “Today’s Secrets for Effective Business Networking.”  The presentation was excellent in that Alan identified key obstacles to networking that deal with the rate of change and noise in business, yet gave solutions for today’s business networker to build on their core values for effective networking.  Throughout the presentation there were practical examples on how to define your target audience, differentiate yourself, listen and modify your behavior to achieve success.”

Don Minges, CFO for hire; 
“Alan gave a terrific presentation to financial executives on the value of networking. He managed to convey the advantages of genuine networking to a group of mostly accountants who are skeptical by nature, by explaining best practices, nuances and value. Well done and well understood.”


Keynote Speech Testimonials

R. Brandon Whitley, CFP, CTFA, Assistant Vice President, Relationship Manager at First Citizens Bank;
“Alan did a great job keynoting at our First Citizens Bank Summer Off-Site meeting, in Pinehurst. Certainly one of the best, if not the best, speakers we have had. I enjoyed your tips. Appreciate him making the slides from his presentation available to us. I look forward to re-reading his notes.”

Donna Dilanni, Executive Director, Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership SC
“We were honored to have Alan Adler, author of “Getting the Fish to Swim to YOU & Keeping Them in YOUR Boat,” as our Keynote Speaker. His presentation, ‘Moving From Being Good to Being Great’ received a standing ovation from the more than 700 people in attendance.  He also took the lead as our Program Developer, to help make SCHOBY 2011 the most successful, effective, and dynamic leadership weekends, yet!  SC HOBY is very appreciative of Alan’s time, effort, and energy he shared with our 30th Anniversary Celebration OF SC HOBY LEADERSHIP SEMINARS! We highly recommend  him, his book, his talents, experiences and ability to transform any professional and/or private event!!

Jack Woerner, CFO, The Center for Board Excellence;
“Alan says exactly what he means and generally, it is the correct answer. As an author, speaker and coach he will reinforce your thought process and teach you strategic thinking. Alan listens to others and incorporates his thinking with other’s opinions. Based on his structured approach to business matters, he will simplify the tough decisions and allow you to take action.”

Chuck Sawicki, MBA, Small Business Counselor, SCORE;
“Alan Adler is one of the most creative speakers and marketers who I refer business owners to help grow their business. His seminar’s on “Today’s Secrets” is one of the best presentations to learn how to deal with the “new, super-competitive economy,” ways to attract customers, ways to keep employees and new ways to market. You’ll learn more from Alan Adler about marketing than a two-year MBA I earned.

Paula Harvey, SPHR, GPHR, President/CEO, K&P Consulting, Inc.;
“Alan is an engaging and creative speaker. I was impressed with his knowledge of leadership, marketing and HR topics. He is very detail oriented and realistic. I would recommend him to any organization looking for an outstanding presentation.”

Gary Nowicki, Partner, Ace of Sales;
“Recently attended (for the second time) another of Alan’s speaking engagements. He presentations are informative, engaging and fun! Highly suggest to attend one in your town or enjoy his book. Alan is “way ahead” of the rest with his thinking for large and small business alike!! He clearly understands the importance of a true ultimate Customer experience!”


Hire Alan as a Business Keynote Speaker

Tom Maupin, Partner at Vaco LLC & Chair of The Financial Executives Networking Group (FENG);
“I am the Charlotte Chapter Chairman of The Financial Executives Networking Group. Alan was the featured speaker at our August, 2012 Chapter meeting. Alan’s presentation topic was, “Today’s Secrets for Effective Business Networking”.  Alan did a wonderful job capturing the attention of The FENG members as he crisply provided numerous “take-aways” for effective networking. I would highly recommend Alan as a speaker to any professional organization. His experience and his professionalism allows him to tailor his presentations to any audience.”

Jennifer P. Franklin, Marketing, Brand Development and Project Management Consultant, Self Employed;
“It is a pleasure for me to recommend Alan Adler. I found his recent talk, “Today’s Secrets for Attracting & Keeping Customers & Employees,” to a group of business professionals both entertaining and informative. Filled with fun facts and stories, it would be appealing to any serious decision-maker. Having the pleasure of reading his book, beforehand, I enjoy his brand of strategic thinking. Alan’s diligence, enthusiasm and energy make it easy for an audience, his readers and or, clients to gain expertise in “getting the fish to swim to them and keeping them in their boat.”

Dan Kensil, Principal, Kensil & Associates;
“Alan is a dedicated speaker with a well deserved reputation for delivering results. He employs powerful presentation to share his passion for excellence and he is an effective communicator who can craft and deliver client messages that produce desired outcomes!” 

Bob DeMers, Owner, Coaching Works;
“I’ve had the great pleasure of watching Alan present on several occasions. Alan carries with him a wealth of experience, knowledge, and expertise about the ins and outs of business development. As a presenter, he is articulate, passionate, and engaging as he in sharing his business expertise with his audience. He is passionate, thoughtful, well-organized, highly relevant, and very easy to relate to.  He is a terrific guide to successful business marketing. Alan is the real deal, and I highly recommend him to present to your group and help take you or your business to the next level.”

Jack Brayboy, President/CEO, Brayboy Communications Inc.;
“I had the pleasure of working with Alan as we created a video profile of him for our Charlotte Small Business Spotlight TV show. I found Alan to be extremely engaging and knowledgable in his field of expertise. His has total command of his marketing systems and he’s a brilliant communicator. I would urge anyone to take advantage of his vast experience and use his presentation skills to help motivate and improve your business or groups.”