Where To Find Customers | Get the Fish to Swim to You

Where to find customers

This chapter describes the true story of how a company I co-founded in the late 1980’s, offered a compelling value  prop-osition that we called “bait” to get millions of potential customers, we referred to as “fish,” to call and tell us about themselves. These people represented a targeted U.S. market, which made a toll-free telephone call; revealing their demographic, psychographic and preference information. Our client, in turn, used this data to establish a relationship with them to build brand loyalty. All of this before there was an internet, or off-shore outsourcing. This chapter is about extraordinary ways of where to find customers and getting them to “swim” to you.

This chapter is a great read for anyone interested in where to find customers and a pioneering  style of marketing that we refer to today as Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Target, One-one and relationship marketing.

The chapter also reveals how the name of this book came to be… a very interesting story by the way.