Starting a Business? | First Pass This Test

Starting  a Business? – First Pass This Test

Starting a new business is tough. There are a myriad of details to attend to. The lease of which is whether or not your idea for the new business is a good idea! If I had $100.00 for every time someone said to me, “Would you listen to my new business idea and tell me whether you think it’s any good?  I’d have a pretty nice-sized nest egg!  So, I created seven questions for anyone thinking about, or knowing someone who’s thinking of spending time and effort on a new business idea. Until these questions are answered appropriately, there is no (logical) reason to proceed.

You may not be content working in a business owned or operated by other people. So, for those people, coming up with an idea to start their own business is like a dream or fantasy come true. However the fantasy alone will not ensure success. Frequently, after people have asked and answered the seven questions, they’re surprised how many details have not been thought through and amount of work it really takes to be successful with a new business venture. Some will say I an simply pointing out the negatives and your great business idea will be the “exception.”  After all… “with time don’t all things work out?” You don’t have to take my word for it. The statistics suggest that more than 70% of small businesses started, never survive to celebrate their fifth anniversary!

People get passionate and excited when they have new ideas. However, they seldom drill down to consider all of the details and issues required to ensure success. Every new business idea should be evaluated, researched and rigorously tested. This simple process can help identify where more work needs to take place; and that additional work at the outset will save time, energy, money, disappointment and relationships.

If this is you or, you know someone like this, beg, bribe or plead with them to read or listen to this chapter, sooner than later. Why, because, asking and answering the seven questions inside will make the difference between success and failure. Believe me!