Small Business Problems | Dysfunctional Business

Small Business Problems – Dysfunctional Business

Inside this chapter are the details about small business problems. Actually, a dysfunctional business whose employees, vendors and even customers are treated so poorly that you have to wonder how they can possibly stay in business. Such is the true story that makes up, “Diary of a Dysfunctional Business.” The skills and attitudes of leadership, management and staff are so poor that the only metric this company scores high on is, turnover.  Anyone business owner or leader knows what a waste of time and money that is.

Yet, for whatever reasons, leadership is unable to connect the dots to focus on where the real problems lie and seek the quality coaching help to resolve them. While you might not think there are not many companies like the this one, it has been shocking to receive so many comments from those who claim to have worked for one like it, sometime in their career.

Once you read or listen to chapter six you too may agree that “you just can’t make stuff like this up.”