How to Motivate Employees | Generational Employee Attitudes

How to Motivate Employees

For the first time in more than 100 years we find ourselves with four unique generations in the workplace, simultaneously.  This does not bode well for employee motivation. Each generation believing, that their generation’s core values are right, and others must simply be wrong. Each generational group pursuing an agenda tied to their own exclusive set of core values. It pays to understand how to motivate employees.

Alan Can Help You Motivate Your Employees

The difference in values between generations can be basis or core of symptomatic workplace tension. Tension that is bound to worsen during the next several years. This is anticipated because of the shift in power from the sixty million baby-boomers leaving the workspace, being replaced with sixty million Gen Y’s, aka “millennials,”  coming into the workspace.

Reading or listening to this chapter will raise your level of awareness about employee motivation.  And, isn’t admitting there’s a problem, the first step to solving it?