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Strategic Marketing Plan — Got One?

Most business professionals are so busy working “in” their business that they never take time to work “on” their business. Such as the time it takes to create a strategic marketing plan for their company. However, most business consulting experts agree that having a marketing strategy plan is the best “ road-map” to get where you want to go. Yes, it takes a little time and effort though, creating and using a dynamic strategic marketing plan mitigates one of the most egregious forms of wasted dollars and resources a business can have – spending on tactics with no way to measure the return on investment.

Alan Can Help Build Your Strategic Marketing Plan

This chapter reveals why this is critical and suggests a “right-brained” view of “marketing” that you can actually use to build and profit from.

It ends with a valuable quote from best-selling author Seth Godin who helps us understand what individuals from successful companies do to make the most out of their marketing strategy plans.