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Inbound Marketing (aka Pull Marketing) Works

This chapter offers a short lesson in the history of customer service and how many of the policies and best practices, used for years, are ineffective today.

Today one of a businesses top priorities must the customer experience and the business changes required to accommodate them. I say “must” because the dynamic has changed. And, whether you accept it or not, the customer has all the power.

Inbound Marketing Focus – Forget Push Marketing

Several of my colleagues argue of the need to transition away from old, outmoded, ineffective “PUSH” marketing and sales strategies to, “PULL” inbound marketing, and why. After you’ve read or listened to this chapter you’ll be in a great position to consider some new strategies toward “getting the fish to swim to you and keeping them in your boat.” In other words, how to get new customers and keep them.

If you aren’t listening to your customers, rest assured your competitors will.

Chapter on Inbound Marketing & Customer Satisfaction