Corporate Culture — Leadership Culture to Grow YOUR Business

Corporate Leadership Skills to Grow Your Business

Leadership culture, (through conduct), and leadership skills, drive the values that influence personal performance and ultimately, business profitability.   If you agree with this premise, then you’ll enjoy reading or listening to this chapter. If you don’t, you’ll find helpful information that can help you grow your business. First, this chapter provides a vocabulary that helps describe both the existing culture and the one that is desired. Secondly, it reveals how frequent recurring business problems can be resolved by redefining leadership culture. This is also known as corporate culture of the organization.

Leadership Skills for the Leadership Culture

Many business organizations have signs and plaques (frequently in the lobby, so visitors can view them).  These postings communicate the mission, purpose and or, values of the business. All too often, senior managers, without even realizing it, breach or demonstrate behaviors contrary to the statements advertised. When this occurs, the leader(s) lose their credibility. This loss impacts all of the stakeholders including employees, sub-contractors/vendors and even customers. Is there any wonder why growing a business that increases in value is almost impossible under these circumstances? Yet, more than 90% of U.S. small to mid-sized businesses in fact operate in this manner. It should not come as a total surprise that, it doesn’t have to be this way. There are examples that can be pointed to of great leadership skills. Models, of extraordinary leaders who connect the dots. These leaders recognize, especially in today’s challenging market, the connection between a positive civilization in the workplace and profitability. Unfortunately, these concepts are not taught in any business school in the U.S. So, how are leaders to figure this out? And how do you achieve an improved business culture for your company?

Chapter On Leadership Skills

Also inside this chapter, one of my colleagues suggests nine questions designed to test the strength of alignment between culture and objectives of organizational leadership.  This chapter offers both an awareness of where the problems lie, and suggests strategies designed to improve the “civilization at work;” The leadership culture of your business and the leadership skills therein.