ASK ALAN: Successfully Re-opening & Recovering From The COVID-19 Shutdown

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During my years of coaching, one theme has always prevailed…

… business owners (almost) NEVER have time to work [ON] their business. Why? Because they tell me, they’re always too busy working [IN] their business!

If there ever was a time to work [ON] YOUR business, I believe that time is NOW! 
Business owners are desperate to re-open. They have their investment to protect, bills to pay, employee jobs to protect, and customer demands to satisfy. Reopening and recovering successfully from the COVID-19 shutdown is going to require time and effort.

Avoid becoming a casualty of the shutdown by taking the following three actions:

Firstdetermine who your ideal customer is and 
refine your message to connect with them. 
Secondcreate a marketing-ready recovery to-do list. 
Thirdadjust your behavior for reopening success.
I’m confident that applying these actions will help your business survive and thrive!

To determine who your ideal customer is ask yourself:
1. What distinguishes your business from the competition? 
2. What makes your business unique?
3. What is your personal buy-in?
4. What is your secret sauce?
5. What are you doing to make your business stand-out? 

The answers to these questions will form the backbone of your business’s strategic marketing plan! It’s only after you have a strategy that meaningful tactics can be developed. My marketing mantra is STRATEGY B4 TACTICS! 

Your recovery To-Do list 
Below is an excellent graphic, suggested by my colleague, Sheila Neisler, founder of, Catalyst – A Marketing Company. Use it to select those activities that are the best fit for your business.

Choosing the channels to promote your message 
And while you’re creating your list, consider the channels you’ll want to use to promote your messages. Back in the day, this was not difficult. But today, the Internet with sophisticated technology has enhanced the number of channels available, plus, we have social media. This enables us to target our impressions to increasingly smaller [target] audiences.

Adjust your behavior for reopening success
My colleague, Debbie Harris, BBA, MBA, suggests:
1. Move on. Don’t waste time feeling sorry for yourself! 
2. Embrace change. Welcome challenges! 
3. Stay happy. Don’t waste energy on things you’re unable to control! 
4. Be kind, fair, and unafraid to speak up!
5. Take calculated risks! 
6. Celebrate other people’s success. Don’t resent their success! 

Most business experts believe these actions should be implemented, as they are, during normal times. However, because these are not normal times, you want to position yourself to reopen and recover after, COVID-19 and beyond!

NOW is the time to work on your business
Do this, so you don’t lose market influence in your industry! Do this, so you don’t become a pastime memory or become less relevant than before. Seize the opportunity to expand your reach at this unique time. Grasp opportunities to serve. Follow-up with existing customers and potential prospects, showing genuine care and concern. Lastly, create new solutions, for new problems.

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