Best Practices in Business; Everyone Can Benefit from Using!

Most business people recognize best practices in business as a method or technique that has consistently shown results    superior to those achieved with other means.   Whatever happened to the fundamentals most of us were raised with? Such as the Golden Rule “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Are eleven words just too many to remember? Is it because the phrase comes from the bible and only has meaning on  Sunday or in a church? Maybe it’s the word “unto;” when’s the last time you heard anyone use the word unto in a conversation? Personally, I always thought the Golden rule was the foundation of “best practices.” For whatever reason, the rule is seldom followed today.

What I am about to suggest, involves a seven word mantra or affirmation which you’ll want to say to yourself anytime you’re interacting with other people (especially during stressful situations). I guarantee that doing this will energize your business, your personal life and the lives of those around you. But first the back story…  During the past holidays, our family received a greeting card from a friend who is an oncology nurse in St. Louis. The friend wrote in her card, that a recent patient commended the nursing staff for the thoughtful personal attention she had received, during an admittedly difficult time in her life. After the nurse responded that they were only doing their job and they try to make everyone feel important, the patient said “no, you were nicer than you had to be!” Our friend ended her holiday card with: “In 2012, be nicer than you have to be.”

So now, whenever I’m interacting with others (in person, on the phone or email/texting), I think to myself, “be nicer than you have to be!” I found, the more I use this practice, the more others reciprocate. Whether in business or personal life, we have the opportunity to make a choice. Try these seven words. The feedback, responses, and smiles you’ll generate will be well-worth using this “best practice.”

Let me know how it works for you!

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Alan Adler is an executive coach, speaker & author.

15. February 2012 by Alan
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  1. Love to chat with you as my career was turning around troubled and dysfunctional business units in the soft drink business. I believed we used some of the same techniques. The results were 100% for over 60 business units that continued to achieve goals (profit and sales) not to mention the people that advanced their careers and grew personally.