To Mitigate Pain From the Economy, Move From GOOD to GREAT!

I have yet to figure out where the benefit or value lies from exerting effort and energy to situations over which we have no control, nor the ability to impact the results. For example, I’m unable to think of anything we can do, as individuals, to change the course of the current economy. However; individuals, businesses and organizations can improve… they can go from being good to being great. Those who do will mitigate the pain suffered from the economy and be far better positioned to thrive as the economy turns around. I’ve personally experienced this many times. It works for professional service firms, small-to-midsized B2B’s, B2C’s, not-for-profits and even for people in job transition. Taking it up a notch, from “good” to “great” can be accomplished by subscribing to what I call “forward re-thinking,” highlighted in my book Getting the Fish to Swim to YOU & Keeping Them in YOUR Boat.

One way to move from good to great is to… SHARPEN YOUR MESSAGE Today, considering the choice, complexity and economic constraints of the marketplace, the level of competition for a single prospect’s attention has become mind boggling! The seller must stand out to be noticed, preferably in positive ways.
– To sharpen your message start with a clear understanding of who you are, who you want to reach and what your prospects want to hear. You need to know this in order to effectively communicate your message. The days of telling people what you think they want to hear are over. The buyer has all the power and most of the control.  The evidence suggests that today’s buyer also decides how, when and where they will focus on you or your message. If you think you can fight this trend, guess again! There are currently thirty million Millennial’s in the workplace, with seventy million more in the process of entering, all with increasing spending power. These people, born between 1982 and 2002 have their own unique set of core values & drivers and are motivated differently than the way Baby Boomers and Gen Xer’s are.
– So first, stake out your brand/company’s positioning. Every person and organization has a brand (aka reputation). Most brands are unintentional. Make sure yours is intentional so you are perceived in ways that can do the most good and help toward building even better relationships.
– Get down to the “essence,” the focus-of-sale. Great chefs take hours reducing the ingredients to create fine sauces. It’s important to do the same so your message resonates through the clutter. Plus, be sure to include compelling value propositions. These are the cornerstones of effective pull marketing and sales strategies.
– Create and use elevator speeches. This is an excellent and effective tool you need to become competent with. In one minute or less, the time for a brief elevator ride, you should be able to communicate to others what you’re doing and perhaps how you might be of help to them. This type of networking is invaluable… you never know who someone else knows. So, learn how to play this game well. It really takes little effort and elevates the experience of meeting and getting to know new people.

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26. February 2011 by Alan
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