Wake-up Employers…

Wouldn’t it be great to understand what drives many of today’s employers, who: Almost never confirm or respond to people submitting applications for jobs which are actively promoted? Or, businesses that interview applicants two or three times, then never communicate with that applicant again? Is it too much to have an automated response when a resume is received, and, at the very least, an email to let the applicant know that they were not chosen for a job?

Are there employers who are actually “cash rich,” however, have downsized so they can report increased profits? Are employers letting employees go then doubling or tripling the workloads of those who have stayed? Is it true that surveys show that more than 75% of those looking for jobs today, HAVE JOBS, but don’t like how they’ve been treated? In fact, many of those working and looking believe they’re more valuable today — with their new skills and competencies — then they were in the past.

This is the word on the streets! Unfortunately, many employers fault the economy for their suffering and use it as an excuse to exercise poor judgment. What about the pain employers will experience when those “who didn’t get laid off” eventually leave when the economy turns around? Ahhh, the problems that result from short-term thinking!

While companies obsess over customer service surveys, many seem to forget about their employees overall contribution. A disgruntled employee can be poison to your business… telling all the “dirty little secrets!” Especially with today’s technology, the word (positive or negative) can spread farther and faster. The reality is that treating employees well and with respect, costs so little, relative to both the upside and downside.

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19. January 2011 by Alan
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