Is Our Culture of Excuses Preventing Organizations From Thriving?

It is likely that our culture of excuses is the fundamental reason behind what’s keeping businesses and organizations, in the US, from thriving. I realize that my detractors will say it’s the economy however, the facts suggest otherwise.

In his book “Midas Marketing,” Rob Slee states that during the past ten years 80% of US businesses have not grown in value. Both Rob and I would argue that the economy is a convenient excuse but not the exclusive reason behind this. Attracting and keeping customers in today’s challenging economy is tough, but can be done. However, it requires doing some things differently than in the past. Many experts argue that some of the strategies, models and policies used in the past are precisely why organizations are finding things to be so difficult.

Considering the aggregate effect of choice, complexity and change during the past ten years, there is a need to recalibrate. First, understanding why things need to change. Secondly, what things need to be done differently and lastly, how to do them.

To rise above the excuse level requires:
1. Fresh eyes (Consultants/Coaches/Mystery Shopping)

2. The desire and ability to listen

3. The ability and capability to change behavior

When these requirements are met, businesses and organizations can begin to initiate the four components that will assure outstanding results. 1) Sharpen your message;

2) Use “Pull rather than “push” marketing and sales strategies;

3) Provide an outstanding customer experience:

4) Combine the passion of intuition with the rigor of evidence.

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Alan Adler is an executive coach, speaker & author.

08. November 2010 by Alan
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