Who’s in charge of SALES PREVENTION in your company?

Chapter 9 - Who's in Charge of Sales PreventionEveryone who isn’t doing something to stop it!

How do you feel when you try to find a location of a retail store promoting a product you’re interested in however, their dealer locator system has no listings in your home state… even though you know, they do? Or, when you telephone a company and get a voice message telling you to call back during their “business hours,” when you called during their business hours? These are just two of millions of examples of what I call SALES PREVENTION.

Why would any B2B or B2C business, operating in these challenging economic times, prevent sales from being made? Yet every day companies commit acts of sales prevention. Making sure your business is easy to do business with, is critical in today’s marketplace, since purchasers now have more choices than ever. Why should they choose you? They will be more likely to choose your business if they don’t encounter sales prevention. Usually, sales prevention, not poor customer service, is the primary reason for being perceived as diffictult to do business with. Wherever sales prevention occurs, it should be identified and removed, to minimize damage.

Sales prevention can rear its ugly head in several ways including a lack of engagement. In a recent study the Gallup Organization suggested that only “17% of all U.S. employees are actively engaged.” And that, “more than 67% of customers leave a business because of indifference of a company employee. It only makes common sense that “happy employees equal happy customers.

Many perceive poor customer service and sales prevention as the same. However, they are mutually exclusive. Customer service issues are intermittent and can usually be improved. Whereas, sales prevention is a repetitive, frustrating and annoying situation. What makes this practice particularly insidious is that senior management is usually unaware when sales prevention is occurring.

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