What YOU Don’t Know About Your Customers is Killing YOUR Business…

CBS’s new hit show Undercover Boss is on the right track. It’s imperative today for senior management to know what’s happening on the front lines of their business. (Applies to both B2B and B2C companies). It’s even more important, to be aware of the “customer experience,” considering today’s economic challenges. Outstanding customer experiences are among the best ways to differentiate your company in the market and “keep them in YOUR boat.” Unfortunately, many organizations continue to use outmoded, expensive and ineffective customer service models, strategies and policies.

To provide an outstanding customer experience, all employees must…
1) Be in alignment with the purpose of the organization
2) Accept ownership of a piece of the customer
3) Accept cross functional responsibility

There’s a lot more to providing an outstanding customer experience than blog space allows. However, my book Getting the Fish to Swim To YOU & Keeping Them in YOUR Boat offers step-by-step instructions plus 160 strategies to use and 80 practices to stop or avoid… to overcome today’s economic challenges.

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20. October 2010 by Alan
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