Toxic Managers…

The best word to describe why toxic managers remain in positions of influence is “FEAR.” Fear by higher level managers that a toxic manager, if let go, will:

1. Reveal secrets that could harm individuals or the organization… In legal terms this is called extortion or blackmail.

2. Share company secrets with competitors

3. Create a void of knowledge that could be difficult to replace

4. File a lawsuit against the business for harassment, discrimination or other identifiable causes

Toxic managers are purveyors and Piranhas of “sales prevention.” When toxic managers are left in place, organizational effectiveness suffers. Regardless of whether in the form of turnover, employee sabotage or lost customers, business suffers. Toxic managers can be exposed in a number of ways including 360 surveys and peer review. There is NO acceptable circumstance to justify keeping a toxic manager around.

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09. September 2010 by Alan
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