Tension Keeps Customers Away — Leadership Culture Can Keep Them

Workplace tensionTension can keep customers away, leadership culture can help mitigate  that problem and improve the productivity of your employees. Plenty of tension can be found in the workplace today,  especially given the current market environment. If there’s tension in your workplace it needs to be identified and resolved. If it isn’t, it will continue to be difficult for your organization to attract and retain customers. Tension is the equivalent of “sales prevention.” No one wants to interact with people dealing with tension…not prospects; not customers nor other employees.

Before tension can be treated and properly resolved it first has to be identified. Like any competent doctor would do, the symptoms must be diagnosed and then treated accordingly. Some types of tension in the workplace include:

• Leadership Culture
• Generational diversity
• Business processes
• Crisis Management

All organizations have cultures — the civilizations we work in. Some are well thought through and kept current while others simply happen by default. Leadership culture that is out of alignment, meaning that peoples actions and behaviors are inconsistent with the “purpose” of the organization, is like an accident waiting for a place to happen. Likewise, there are many leaders who “talk-the-talk” but don’t “walk-the-walk.” In my book Getting the Fish to Swim to YOU & Keeping Them in YOUR Boat… there is a chapter titled “Corporate Culture Defines Performance Success.” In this chapter is a simple “Workplace Culture Test,” designed by Duke Certified Executive Business Coach and colleague, Dan Kensil.

Generational Diversity — For the first time in modern history we have four unique generations competing in the workplace simultaneously. Competing for jobs, promotions, technology all believing that they are right and others are wrong. Understanding how to diffuse this kind of tension, is the first step for businesses to be most effective. Read what  generational speaker/trainer, Dr. Terri Manning has to say about how Millennials can save business’ from themselves. Business Processes Often times adjusting, eliminating or replacing a business process can help reduce tension in the workplace.

Crisis Management — This is when a leader or manager puts out fire after fire…often times justifying their existence and importance because “that is what they do,” they put out fires. Unfortunately, without fundamental change a leaders often  have to put the same fire out over and over again. Stepping back, with a coach to offer fresh eyes and make small changes is one of the best ways to diagnose and create a plan to avoid fires and crisis. Doing this is always a better use of time and less costly in the long run. Basically it is just a more effective way of operating. Get rid of the tension in your workplace using leadership culture to improve the productivity of your employees and stop keeping customers away!

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